Book of Blessings for Busy People

Book of Blessings for Busy People

The Quran brings blessing to a person and brings the spirit of monitoring in. It motivates us to do better. Inspires us by narrating the tales of ancient times and Prophets. And the purpose of sending the Qur’an is defined by Allah in this verse:

A Book (the Quran) which We have sent down to you, full of blessings that they may ponder over its Verses, and that men of understanding may receive admonition.” 

Success of both worlds lies in the Quran. We can unlock it by fully grasping its principles.

If you are not reading the Quran on a daily basis trust me you are missing out on a lot of things. I know many of us to have hectic routines but taking only 5 minutes out of your schedule for the Quran is enough. Read as much as you can be it a one ruku or a whole surah or even one verse but read with understanding. It is a source of our communication with Allah. It also cleanses our hearts and helps us become good Muslim and human beings.

So after being so much busy we have provided you with the whole Qur’an in PDF form in a beautiful and attractive layout so that busy people can read them at any moments

  1. Whether it’s a 5 mins break
  2. Lunch break
  3. A travelling time where you just look at the road or read the signs instead of this read a page of Qur’an
  4. A waiting lounge area of doctors, banks or a long line of billing
  5. A family event is full of gossip that you don’t wanna attend (P.s they just want your presence there and nothing else).
  6. At night before sleep
  7. While feeding the child or tending them to sleep
  8. For the late-night owls with insomnia (poor kids), well shaitan will never want you to read Qur’an so he will definitely put you to sleep and the main thing Qur’an is Shifa
  9. After Fajar
  10. After every Namaz
  11. During the Boring Lecture
  12. A Me-time or should I say Self-love time must include a page of the Qur’an to NOURISH YOUR SOUL

So what you are waiting for download them and start your reading and do share with us your tracking and let us know what you want more from us to help you in this battle against shaitan, How about a Quran Journal (we have some already posted)

Parah / Juz ( Links to Download )

Name of Surahs ( from chapter – to chapter )

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