Being A Hafiz

Being a Muslim, we always want to be the best version of us. For this, we try to do different kind of religious things just like offering prayers on time, giving charity, helping someone and praying as well.

Now let’s take an example, in our worldly matters, do we just rely on doing things or do we ensure whether they have any guarantees or not?

It’s the same thing here. We do not know whether we are doing great in our lives or not. But do you know, there’s one thing where we are guaranteed of it!

Yes, you heard right!

And your next question must be, what is that???

Let’s know it with a Hadith.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) said:

“خيركم من تعلم القرآن وعلمه”

“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it”.

Book: Sahih Bukhari , Hadith no: 5027

Neither good nor best, it’s about being the best one!

Who are the best ones in people?

  • Those who learn Quran, those who learn how to recite it. How to pronounce خ, س, ر, ض, ق, ح and a lot more.
  • These are those people who spend their time in learning what are the rules of Noon Sakinah?
  • Who seek a teacher to know their mistakes in their recitation!
  • Who want to learn the rules of stopping and continuation!
  • Who want to know each and every bit of Quran!

These are the people who memorise Quran!

May be, starting randomly someday from one ayah which you listen from the irresistibly attractive recitation of a Hafiz, walking through your TV lounge or it can be a random video on your screen while exploring your feed!

There is no place you cannot start learning Quran from!

It’s not necessary to get yourself Quran education from nearby madrasah. Now you live in 2022, where everything is just a click away. You only need a computer and good internet. Just open your phone and click on the given link:

And you can have the course of your own choice.

There are multiple courses provided by YIQA. You can select the course as per your ease.

If you are a busy bee, then you can just start your Hifz from the selected short Surahs. You will have a short class of almost 30 minutes for 3 days a week, in your most suitable time!

Isn’t it amazing?

If you have some free time in your day and want to plan something amazing then go for the second option. Learn Quran with the best tutors available online at YIQA. Schedule your class now with your teacher and enroll yourself for the easiest chapter of Quran that is the last one, 30th Chapter!

Whosoever likes the cake will never be fine with just one piece of it! He would surely like to have the whole cake for himself. Why not you as well?

When you would start your journey, you would also be amazed by the blessings of Allah upon you for memorising Quran. Therefore, don’t just stop at one chapter you learned. Go for the whole cake my dear! All of the cake is yours. Just grab the opportunity and avail yourself from countless blessings.

For memorising whole Quran, you can enroll in the given course:

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