Assalam u alaikum warahmatullahi  wabarakatuhu

Ramadan is just nearby the corner, to make it more beneficial YUSUF INTERNATIONAL QUR’AN ACADEMY has arranged some RAMADAN PLANNERS for you these are free printable planners that you can download and use them during the Ramadan .these are designed to make your Ramadan more productive and sorted and manageable. Hope you like it and take benefits through this. And this all is done to bring Islamic Ummah more towards Allah and improve our Ibadah.

This planner have multiple information about Ramadan and it’s Importance and about Taqwa, a plentiful of content for the reader to read through out the Ramadan and refresh their EEMAAN

Caution: We don’t have all the rights related to the planner because these are inspiration from different creators, we would like to thanks them too for inspiring us.


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