Morning and Evening Supplications

Some Gifts for our brothers and sisters in Islam

As in the previous blog we discuss the Importance of Daily supplications of Morning and Evening 

So this time Team YIQA  Yusuf international Academy have made not just one or two, they prepare three gifts for you all

  1. A Printable Pdf of Dua Booklet, a small booklet that can be printed in any size so you can carry them, use them anywhere any time
  2. A pack of zip compressed file containing all the Supplications individually as a reminder for yourself
  3. Some individual files of Images so you can use them as Mobile wallpapers on your phone as a reminder for those who don’t want the whole pack
mobile mockup

A Printable Pdf of Dua Booklet

[Download not found]

Pack of All Reminder  Images

[Download not found]

Reminder Wallpapers

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